writing day 7

 olfactory “scent” art:

The olfactory art department came about after Mr. Burr proposed the concept to Holly Hotchner, the director of the museum. It struck Ms. Hotchner that fragrance was analogous to photography, which even into the 1970s was seen as “a very different venture from art,” she said.

it seems like it would be possibly the most abstract art form. 

“Working with the sense of smell is probably the hardest material, because it is very subjective and it changes from person to person,” says Yasmil Raymond, curator at Dia, who oversaw the development of Before the Rain. “Koo Jeong A had a very specific concept about this smell, but she had to find a way of articulating through language what that was to a perfumer, who conceived the chemical composition. It was really the hardest thing I had ever done as a curator.”

source: http://www.artnews.com/2011/03/01/scents-sensibility/


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